Application for the Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering

New students interested in the masters degree should contact the director, Herman Migliore to make sure:
1) our program matches your background and learning objectives;
we are going to exceed our minimum enrollment limitation. Sufficient enrollment can be achieved with a cohort, pre-arranged with your employer/sponsor, or as an individual included with other interested students, as arranged by the director of the systems engineering program.

Those interested in professional education and not necessarily a masters degree, are encouraged to consider taking our graduate courses as a 'non-admitted' (non-degree) student.

Requirements for Systems Engineering Admission
Regular admission will be limited to students with at least three years of responsible engineering experience and an undergraduate engineering degree from an accredited institution with a GPA of at least 3.0 in upper division courses. (If you have taken 12 or more graduate credit hours, the graduate GPA is used instead).  Applicants with a lesser GPA or a degree from a field related to engineering may be granted conditional admission, with conditions specified by the Director. The GRE is not required. Please review Federal Policy for online education < >

Desired background:

  • exposure to engineering mathematics, if unsure read about our desired math background;
  • at least 3 years experience working in a professional environment;
  • exposure to multidisciplinary activities (science+engineering+business);
  • already have initial exposure to systems engineering concepts;
  • vision as to why you want to earn a masters degree in systems engineering;
  • a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution, not necessarily in engineering;
  • ability to work at a graduate level: a) vague problem statements requiring further definition; b) multiple approaches to solving a problem; c) open ended solutions;
  • willingness to learn material both independently and in collaboration with fellow students and the instructor;
  • self-motivated to study -- such is the nature of online learning.

Application Time Line
There's an advantage to applying for admission before taking too many classes as a nonadmitted student. All courses taken at PSU before being admitted will count as "transferred into" the program. A maximum of 15 credits of pre-admission courses may be used for the masters degree. Even though PSU gives four dates as deadlines for application, the systems engineering program processes applications on a continuous basis. Typically the application process takes two months or so, depending on when we receive information from your past universities and references. You must take a PSU course during your term of admission.

Application for Systems Engineering Admission
The application process involves sending an information package to both the SYSE program and to the PSU Admission office. DO NOT SEND ANYTHING TO PSU ADMISSIONS WITHOUT FIRST CONTACTING THE PROGRAM DIRECTOR AND PROVIDING THE FOLLOWING THREE SETS OF INFORMATION:

  • Copy of resume.
  • Personal statement as to your interest in Systems Engineering and reasons for seeking a masters degree.
  • Copy of all transcripts sent directly to Systems Engineering program.

The Director will perform a preliminary review of your background and will contact you. If it appears there is not a good match, the Director will suggest alternative programs. If there is a good match, he will give you the go-ahead to finish the application process. The program needs two more sets of information:

  • Departmental Application Information -- you may have already included this information above, but if not: address, phone, list of all colleges attended and all degrees, desired term of admission (you must be taking a PSU course during that term).
  • Three recommendations, either as a form (blank form available here) or as an email which contains some or all the items found on the form.

Send to the program director, Herman Migliore.

Application for University Admission

  • University's Application for Graduate Admission Form
    PSU recently started an online University graduate admission application, now available to students at The online application requires students to pay the $50 application fee electronically, using a valid credit card at the time the online application is submitted.
  • TOEFL Score if English is as second language, and you do not have U.S. degree
  • Official Transcript from each and every post-secondary institution, sent from institution directly to PSU admissions office
  • Application Fee of $50.00
  • Measles Vaccine Form: The State of Oregon requires all incoming students born after 1956 to show evidence of measles immunization, INCLUDING OUR DISTANCE STUDENTS. You may request exemption on religious or medical grounds.  Click here for a .pdf file version of this form, print it off, and send it to Student Health center. Address is on form.

Please review the PSU Graduate Studies site < > for general graduate information.

Please review Federal Policy for online education < >

Other PSU Forms to be Aware Of

Besides the forms needed for admission, you should be aware of other forms needed during your course of study and needed for graduation.

The following forms are used for specified courses and are arranged through the systems engineering director, Herman Migliore

  • By-Arrangement Form is needed for SYSE 506 since it is not a scheduled class;
  • If you receive an Incomplete, grade of "I" for a course, we remove the "I" and replace it with a letter grade by using an SGR, Supplemental Grade Report. The rules for getting an "I" involve: 1) student and instructor enter into a formal agreement on what work remains to completed and by-when; 2) student must have already completed more than half of the course with satisfactory grades. After the work has been completed, generally within one term and after the instructor assigns a grade, an SGR must be submitted.

Most other forms involve the student's study program and can be found at the Office of Graduate Studies site:

  • GO-21, if you took PSU graduate courses before admission. There is a 15 credit limit on pre-admission courses, and they must be an approved part of study plan, with a grade of "B" or better;
  • GO-21, if you took graduate courses at another institution. There is a 15 credit limit on transfer courses, and they must be an approved as part of study plan, with a grade of "B" or better from an accredited institution;
  • GO-19M, if already admitted to a masters degree, this form requests a Dual Degree or adds a PSU Graduate Certificate to the graduate study program. In addition to form, student must formally apply for second masters or certificate.
  • GO-12, list of courses that constitute the Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering;
  • GO-17M, filled out by Director after all masters courses have been completed;
  • Application for Awarding a PSU Graduate Certificate, filled out by student at BEGINNING of the term of graduation. (Note that the application fee will be assessed twice if the students seeks both a certificate and a masters degree).
  • Application for Awarding of a Masters Degree, filled out by student at BEGINNING of the term of graduation.
  • If interested in Commencement or having diploma mailed,