Systems Engineering (SYSE) Program - SYSE and Related Courses

An anywhere, anytime, distance-learning environment: All scheduled SYSE courses use PSU's online course management system, D2L. Courses in collaborating programs, Engineering and Technology Management and System Science, use a combination of D2L, video streaming and email for distance-students. To enjoy valuable peer and professor interactions, we encourage students to keep-up with the schedule of the class. If students fall behind, because of professional obligations, etc, we ask that they inform the instructor and agree on a plan to catch-up as soon as possible.
Taking Courses without being admitted to program: All Systems Engineering are available for professional development purposes; you do not have to be admitted to the program. However, PSU does have a 'pre-admission' limit. If you decide to apply and are admitted, no more than 15 credits of approved graduate courses taken before admission may be counted toward masters degree.
Self-support program: Our course tuition differs from PSU. See Costs and Payment Options
Details on course descriptions, schedule, assessment and past work:

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