About the Systems Engineering Program

Systems Engineering (SYSE) at Portland State University offers an accessible distance learning masters program for engineers and applied scientists who practice design, product development, or process engineering.

What can the PSU Systems Engineering Program offer me?

  • An anywhere, anytime, distance-learning environment: All Systems Engineering required courses and several elective courses are available online. SYSE scheduled courses were designed to use PSU's course management system, D2L. Courses in collaborating programs, Engineering and Technology Management and System Science, use a combination of D2L, internet video and email for distance-students. Despite the online nature of the program, students do not lose out on the valuable peer and professor interaction that graduate level classes provide. See Graduates' Comments

  • The opportunity to study under leading experts in the Systems Engineering field: Many of the individuals teaching courses and presenting workshops, seminars, and certificate courses for the PSU Systems Engineering program are recognized around the world in the field of Systems Engineering. For more information, please visit our Faculty/Staff Page.

  • A variety of lectures in Systems Engineering: The PSU Systems Engineering program has partnered with world-renowned systems engineers to present Systems Engineering concepts and tools and their applications in multiple engineering disciplines..

  • The ability to develop your educational plan to fit your interests and goals: The PSU Systems Engineering program is available both to those practicing engineers who wish to pursue a masters in Systems Engineering and to those who wish to take specific courses to gain an understanding of a certain area of systems engineering.

Masters students

    • Complete the Systems Engineering Core Courses.

    • Work with the systems engineering director to develop an individualized plan of study;

    • Chose elective courses from a variety of offerings in both Systems Engineering and/or various specialty disciplines 

    • Participate in a project to gain a practical understanding of Systems Engineering concepts;

    • Participate in Systems Engineering E-Portfolio to integrate the various elements of their educational plan;

    Other students

    • Pick and chose from the various Systems Engineering courses, seminars, workshops, or certificate programs to determine what courses they are interested in;

    • Are welcome to enroll in any of the Systems Engineering offerings with limited restrictions

How is the PSU Systems Engineering Program different from Systems Engineering at other universities?

  • Graduate courses may be taken on an audit basis for professional education purposes. You don't need to be admitted to the masters program, if you take 8 credits or less per term.

  • Completion of four core courses may earn the formally-recognized PSU Graduate Certificate. A proposal has been made for a graduate certificate in Systems Engineering. If a student gets the certificate, s/he has the option to continue on to complete his/her masters degree if desired.

  • A professionally-oriented Masters degree. Core courses are web courses, most electives are web or distance learning courses -- project component can be related to employer's interests.

  • Program is flexible to meet different education needs. Core courses and several electives cover fundamental topics for those interested in Systems Engineering as a discipline. Elective courses give domain specialization, but are tied to core topics -- for those interested in Systems Engineer as a process.

  • Web instructors are experts located on the Internet. All have had many years experience with distance learning.