Examples of Student Portfolios: 


Andy Barrett Jeb Bartosik Al Brule David Carswell
Tom Cavaliere Keith Chapman Neil Chung Jerry Compton
Nick Cora Dale Schatz Crane Gord Edwards Siv Fern Eng
Alan Fryer Sylvain Gazaille Scott Gunderson Brett Hahne
Ali Hodroj Dan LaValley Frank Lavoie
Joey Lebow James Matson Curt McNamara Julia Allmond Murray
Lenny Noice Matthew Nguyen Tam Nguyen Don Ogilvie
Ken Propst Arif Salam Ryan Slaugh Nathan Small
Daniel Smith Chris Viehoff Suzanne Ward Joel Wilson


Brian Brewer   Patricia Dement-Myers
Casey Elliott Maria Foudoulis Trina Goehring

Guidelines for Students 

The motivation for requiring systems engineering (SYSE) masters students to compile a portfolio is based on several factors:
1. they have diverse backgrounds in education and work, which this program respects, but we want to integrate this diversity into a holistic educational experience for individual SYSE students and their peers;
2. some students have already taken elective classes, which need to be justified as an appropriate component of the students' educational system;
3. they will be involved in a wide range of projects, and we'd like to know about context and be introduced into that domain;
4. the study plan, although dynamic, needs to be well thought out and include rationale for any changes;
5. the e-portfolio documents the incorporation of newly-learned systems engineering concepts in their specialty areas and projects;
6. as a member of this learning community, students are asked to assist future students by discussing their learning objectives, assessing the program's contributions, and demonstrating systems thinking;
7. students are encouraged to explore side-topics, not covered in scheduled classes and the masters project, which can be summarized in the e-portfolio.

More information may be found on these web pages: 1) SYSE 590 and Portfolio Guidelines ; 2) Masters Program Guidelines
NEW POLICY: Registration for all summer courses will require the approval of the program director or course instructor. One criterion? Has your e-portfolio been updated recently? If not, do you have a plan for doing so?

SYSE 590 gives students credit for working on the their e-portfolio. We ask that students start on e-portfolio from the very onset of their masters program. Students may register for SYSE 590 any term that is convenient for them, but the first summer is usually best, and four credits are offered. Herm Migliore, the director of the systems engineering program, is the instructor for SYSE 590. There is no formal structure to the course; for example there is no class material in D2L. Here is what we want to accomplish:
1. keep the advisor informed on what classes have been taken and which classes are planned;
2. give student a place to provide feedback on class topics, courses, and the program for the benefit of the instructors and future students;
3. provide opportunity to use systems thinking and systems engineering approach on an educational system, the student's masters program. Students' knowledge of systems engineering will evolve over time as will the e-portfolio.
4. E-portfolio is not just a journal. The student is asked to reflect on course topics, relate these topics (or lack of topics) to current job and future plans, and reflect on how students' view of systems engineering is maturing.
5. E-portfolio will be posted on the SYSE web site, see above examples.