Certificates in Systems Engineering

New students interested in the PSU Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering Fundamentals should contact the director, Herman Migliore to make sure:
1) our program matches your background and learning objectives;
we are going to exceed our minimum enrollment limitation. Sufficient enrollment can be achieved with a cohort, pre-arranged with your employer/sponsor, or as an individual included with other interested students, as arranged by the director of the systems engineering program.

Those interested in professional education and not necessarily a PSU Grad Certificate, are encouraged to consider taking our graduate courses as a 'non-admitted' (non-degree) student.


PSU Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering Fundamentals (GCSE):

  • SYSE 591, Systems Engineering Approach;

  • EMGT 540, Operations Research in Engineering Management;

  • SYSE 573, Requirements Engineering;

  • One of 3 Modeling Classes:
    SYSC 514 System Dynamics
    SYSC 527 Discrete System Simulation
    SYSC 529 Process Modeling and Simulation

Admission Process for Graduate Certificates

The admissions process for the Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering Fundamentals is similar to the admissions process for the masters. Two Exceptions: All classes for the certificate must be taken at PSU -- courses from other institutions may not be used.  Above courses taken at PSU before being admitted to Grad Certificate program are acceptable (will not be included in 'pre-admission' llimit, as is case with the master's degree). Steps for Admission: see program admission

Length of Program
Intended time to complete:  6 terms


Jobs related to this program                          Stand Occupational Classification System Code

Architectural and Engineering Managers


Engineers, All Other


Engineering Teachers, Postsecondary



Cost of Program (Academic Year Starting January 2015)

Tuition (4 Credit Courses):

PSU Grad Tuition
OR Resident - $1800
Non-OR Resident - $2600

Books & supplies:

$200 per course

Estimated room & board:

Online Program

Other required fees:


Total estimated cost:

$8200 OR Resident
$11400 Non-OR Resident

Job placement rate:
Program intended for working engineers

Certificates of Completion:

If you are interested in a specific area (i.e. Systems Support Engineering, etc), PSU Systems Engineering can develop a curriculum for you. With a Certificate of Completion, only the graduate courses are formally recorded with the university. For more information contact Herm Migliore.